4 Key Ingredients for Staffing a Stellar Restaurant

waitress and bartender at a bar

When opening a new restaurant, it’s common to focus on the more technical aspects, including: finances, location, design, menu, and advertising. But, we believe one of the most important components for any great restaurant are also the employees.

Great staff is the key ingredient that ensures your restaurant runs smoothly. Staff members warmly greet customers, staff members cook and serve the food, and staff members make sure everything in your restaurant is in order.

You should first assess the size of your establishment and estimate the approximate amount of employees it needs to run efficiently. Take into account the environment and culture you are trying exude with your brand and make sure it comfortably fits with the local demographic. Your staff should also fit the general mood of your restaurant and be as lively and energetic as needed or as poised and classy as your menu.

Here are four more key areas you need to consider before assembling your 5-star staff:


A strong leader makes a strong team. Your managers should be clear on your expectations and be able to effectively communicate these guidelines to employees while also upholding them for your patrons. Choosing the right manager at the beginning stages of your restaurant will set the tone for its future.

Make sure you hire someone with relevant experience in your niche and ensure your manager carries a warm and inviting presence. Remember: your manager will spend more time at your restaurant than any other staff member, so it’s important that he or she is a pleasure to be around.

A restaurant manager with at least two years of experience managing a team of similar size should be enough to ensure he or she is capable for this role. Because restaurants are extremely fast-paced, you need to emphasize your candidates also have the ability to keep up with this environment and handle any issues that arise.

Managers should have the ability to solve problems on their feet and think strategically in order to enhance your restaurant’s long-term success.

The Kitchen

Great chefs turn wild imaginations into delectable realities. Chefs are the artful engine behind your restaurant, as they craft your main product offerings. Many chefs are versatile, but keep in mind the type of cuisine you wish to offer – have your candidates prepare menu items ahead of time so you can experience their work for yourself and ensure they meet or (hopefully) exceed your expectations.

Great ambiance and even greater customer service are essential for the full restaurant experience, but great food is what entices customers to return. While most positions require an impeccable resume, for chefs, the proof is quite literally in the pudding. Staff your kitchen with masters of culinary design and empower your team to enrich your menu and delight customers’ taste buds.


To ensure your restaurant’s success, keep in mind that good customer service is essential for customer satisfaction. Having an energetic and fun server is guaranteed to enhance your customer’s experience.

Your servers are the enforcers of your restaurant’s brand and culture. When interviewing potential servers, determine if their personality and customer service philosophy are a good match for your establishment.

If you enjoy their presence, then a customer will as well. Good charisma and a positive attitude will reflect well on your restaurant.

Hostess With the Mostess

Because your host is the first face your customers see, you’ll need to ensure he or she is equipped with a great smile and ready to warmly invite patrons into your establishment. Hosts are also great for a restaurant’s grand opening, as they can act as a guide and help new customers get acquainted with your style, layout and adventurous menu.

A kind greeter will create a lasting first impression and set the tone for the rest of your customer’s dining experience. Choose your hosts well, so your fantastic servers and amazing chef can bring it on home!

A strong team will allow you to win customers’ hearts while boosting your restaurant’s reputation. Opening a new restaurant may be nerve-racking, but when you surround yourself with a great team it will ease your stress.

When your crew is as upbeat, optimistic, and talented as you are, your restaurant is sure to succeed. Remember: your staff will be with you through thick and thin, so be sure to show your appreciation fast and frequently.

We wish you the best of luck in creating your perfect team – Bon Appetit!