5 Ways POS Systems Increase Your Business Productivity

Couple ordering food at cafe

The difference between running a business and running a business effectively is a major one. An old-fashioned service system that opens the opportunity for orders in a restaurant to arrive late or with errors is not going to create happy and loyal customers! Meanwhile, a high-tech POS system can save your employees and your customers a significant amount of time while opening the doors of innovation for your business. Continue reading to find out how Aloha POS will increase your business productivity and help you create lifelong customers:

1. Versatility at its finest

Aloha POS is the ideal software for any kind of restaurant (fast food, casual dining, fast-casual dining and fine dining). It is extremely easy to use, effective and offers valuable data on all of the numbers that you need to know! When it comes to the restaurant and retail industry, simpler is smarter. Aloha POS is an easy to use technology that will increase productivity within any restaurant!

2. No room for mistakes

Taking orders on a notepad and screaming to the cooks to 86 the dressing on table 47’s salad is old news. With Aloha POS system orders are sent directly from the customer to the kitchen and payments can be taken directly at the table. This means customers can get their food exactly how they want it, without mistakes in their orders or their checks every single time.

3. Saving time and money

The direct and fast technology offered by POS systems gives servers more time to work on extra tables and pay more attention to customers, establishing a better relationship and building customer loyalty based on a positive experience. Creating a positive experience for your customers is extremely important for customer retention – it’s a no-brainer. If your servers have more time they can handle more tables, therefore you need less employees – in the end increasing productivity and saving you money. The fast, effective service saves your customers time as well, which leaves them happy and satisfied.

4. Security and trust

Since the check is processed instantly at the table and payment data is securely transmitted with high-level encryption, your client’s information can be protected as well as yours. SDCR also offers a 24h customer service, so that if you ever have a problem with the system you can be sure that we’ll be there to help you out. The system offers secure and trustworthy processing for you customers, resulting in a comfortable transaction on both sides!

5. Features and rewards

Aloha POS includes all of your expected features, such as an efficient option to split the check and a system to implement discounts instantly. Want to create a loyal customer benefits program? Aloha has an option for that! Want to see sales or employee data remotely while you’re on the go? We’ve got you covered! By innovating your business and including an Aloha POS system, everyone wins!

Aloha POS has been the trusted leader in restaurant POS sales for decades. SDCR has proudly been in the business for almost 50 years and is here to help your restaurant reach its max potential. Want to learn more about what Aloha can do for you? Click here to get started!