6 Tips for Starting a Mobile Food Business

Over the last few years, mobile food businesses started taking the food industry by storm. From breakfast crepes to BBQ ribs, you’ll find just about anything can be served on wheels with the proper planning and execution. If you are looking to take your restaurant on-the-go, or just want to see what it takes to do so, SDCR offers tips to get you rolling towards success.

Do Your Research

Although this step appears to be the easiest, many mobile food business owners admit that they wish they would’ve spent more time researching and planning before starting their new venture. Research ensures that your time, energy, and investments are going to pay off. An important aspect of your search is knowing your competition. If a similar business is already established in your area, entering the market may be more difficult and make it tough to gain momentum. Consider other locations or unique ways to distinguish your food truck from others.

Another vital aspect of research is knowing your city and its regulations. Permits, licenses, and certifications can take up to a year to secure. Reach out to local governments to see what it takes to legally run the mobile business in your city. After hearing their response, you may second guess your idea or need to adapt your initial plan.

Create a Strong Business Plan

Before opening, it’s important to have all your numbers and logistics in line. Often times, mobile food business owners become so consumed by perfecting the food that they forget about the smaller details. What days and hours will you be open? Who will run the truck when you’re not around? How much will gas cost? By having all your numbers and costs planned out ahead of time, you reduce the likelihood of unwanted surprises along the way.

Buy a Truck That Will Last

Yes, somewhere on the Internet you can find a food truck for $10,000. Where one person sees junk, you see a fixer-upper that will one day become your dream mobile food business. But what you don’t see in this bargain is the cost of renovations and never-ending mechanical bills. It’s best to make an initial, quality investment in your truck – one that will last you through the years and won’t interfere with your day-to-day business. It may be a decent chunk of change upfront, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Choose the Right POS System

Lunchtime rushes and busy events put the pressure on mobile food businesses to have quick service from start to finish. Part of this process includes your POS system. The last thing your customers want on a hot, summer day is a long line created by your slow running software. The Aloha POS System is an easy-to-use POS solution that will help your mobile food business move those lines faster, ultimately increasing your profits.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

At some point in history, someone decided to pour their soup inside of a loaf of bread, creating what is now called a bread bowl. It’s likely that the idea originally had mixed reactions, but as we know, the gamble paid off. Mobile food trucks thrive off uniqueness and creating new trends in the food industry. Challenge yourself to think outside the box for even just a single menu item. It will get people talking and wanting to try out your new business.

Utilize Social Media

Let your consumers advertise for you by establishing yourself on all forms of social media. Create a hashtag that users can look up to find your location, get discounts, or tag photos. You’ll be surprised by how quickly the word can spread by just a few posts and interactions.

Whatever type of mobile food business you plan to establish, remember to always plan ahead, invest wisely, and be creative. It’s a hard business to take on, but the process will be worth it.