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Aloha Mobile Covers all your Mobile Point of Sale Needs!

  • NCR Aloha Mobile runs on both purpose-built NCR Orderman hardware and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Offers the freedom to choose which hardware is appropriate for your operation’s needs
  • Seamlessly integrates into the existing NCR Aloha Point-of-Sale solution
  • UI is consistent between devices and the Point-of-Sale, allowing for predictability and ease-of-use
  • Feature-rich software enables efficient split checks, modifiers, pivot seating – among others
  • Enables easy return-to-service and sharing of devices among the staff
  • Putting mobile devices in staff’s hands increases productivity, resulting in more table turns
  • Orders are sent directly from the table to the kitchen, expediting the time for food to arrive
  • Payments are taken directly at the table, reducing the time guests wait for checks to be settled
  • Mobile devices give servers freedom to increase their service and spend more time with customers
  • With greater server and guest interaction a relationship is established, driving loyalty
  • Customers value the speed at which the order is taken, food is received, and payment is settled

ORDER ROUTING FROM TABLE TO KITCHEN: Extraneous time is reduced, and speed to kitchen is faster.


ERRORS/COMPS: Order is input into the system while at the table.  Order can be shown to customer for review prior to sending to the kitchen.

INEFFECTIVE CUSTOMER INTERACTION: Now there is more time with the staff in front of guests.

A SUBPAR GUEST EXPERIENCE: Fewer errors and more attention result in happier customers

Put the power of your restaurant point-of-sale software in the palm of your hand and leverage mobile technology to take orders and payment at the table, line-bust during peak traffic periods at busy quick service and fast casual restaurants and quickly and easily serve guests in bars and nightclubs. Mobile POS solutions create efficiencies, boost productivity and can help you reshape the customer experience.

Our NCR Orderman mobile POS devices are built-for-purpose and perfect for tableside ordering or line busting. Using radio frequency, the NCR Orderman is designed to operate non-stop, is less prone to interference from outside sources and reduces the risk of dead spaces and lost data. With 3x the range and using only 10% of the power of WiFi solutions, our handhelds run two full shifts before a recharge or battery swap is necessary.

  • Designed specifically for the restaurant industry

    When you hold an NCR Orderman device, you realize this device was made for restaurant employees. With its elegant, flowing lines, ergonomic soft-grip surface and balanced design, the device fits perfectly in your hand…even after hours of serving your customers.

  • Faster, better service

    By putting a POS in the hands of servers and cashiers, employees spend more time on the floor in front of guests upselling menu items, delivering amazing service and more quickly reducing lines or turning tables.

  • Long battery life

    With a dual processor system and intelligent power management, our rechargeable batteries have a service life of up to 18 hours.

  • Optional MSR integrated into the device

    With the ability to add a MSR to the device, your employees can always be focused on your customers, whether they are ordering or paying. Payment data is securely transmitted with high-level encryption.

Or talk directly to someone about Aloha! 1-800-683-2778