Apps to Help You Run Your Business

No one ever said running a business was for the faint of heart! 24 hours just simply aren’t enough hours in the day, right?! We get it. But hard work pays off and that’s why we do what we do. One of the most useful skills to remember when running a business is mastering the skill of time management. The goal is efficiency and since time is money, it’s crucial to be aware of where your time is being spent! $$$

Staying up-to-date with the latest technology is key for the longevity of your business. Apps are not only easy to use but also affordable. We have broken down this list into two categories: Best apps for internal productivity and best apps for customers. Both increase sales and aid in efficiency. It’s a win-win. Try out some of these apps to help run your business in a more efficient and effective way. Not only will you save time but the ROI is there with organization and increased revenue for your business.

A few apps to check out for business owners or restaurant managers:



Creating and planning employee schedules can be a pain, so let HotSchedules do the dirty work for you. It allows you to make employee calendars, make quick changes to your roster, and change shifts with ease.

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This app is all about saving you time and relieving the stress that comes with managing your employees’ changing schedules and shifts. Saved time equals more time spent serving customers, which equals increased profits.


SendaGuy Now

When something goes wrong in the back, there is no time to wait for finding someone to come fix it. In order to get your business back up and running, SendaGuy Now allows you to contact a repairman to come as soon as possible to fix the problem at hand.

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This app is currently only available in New York City, but keep a watchful eye out for it to come to a city near you!



This restaurant review app is one of the first places curious diners check out your business. Be sure to tend to your page on Yelp so that it is up-to-date with all of the important and necessary information for new customers.

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This includes hours of operation, address, link to your website and/or menu, plenty of quality pictures of food and your restaurant’s design (this part is key). Keep in mind that not every diner will necessarily have a 5-star experience but responding to that poor review on Yelp is vital. Responses on Yelp should be done in a reasonable amount of time and always resonate a professional and friendly tone.


This is a music streaming service for your restaurant or bar. Competitors like Spotify and Pandora don’t offer licensed music for a business setting.

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Dozmia does and it allows you to curate playlists that complement the aesthetic feel or theme of your restaurant. Step up the ambiance at your bar or restaurant with the right music by using Dozmia!

The 5 apps to check out for customers:

Open Table

This is a go-to for customers to find an ideal restaurant, all the while making the reservation process simpler. It’s great for both the business owner and the diner.

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Patrons get rewarded for dining! You’ll collect dining points every time you eat out. Check out Open Table today!


Looking for the best places to eat in your local neighborhood? Grubhub allows you to find your new “go-to” restaurant close to home. It also allows you to browse pictures and menus of desired restaurants to get a taste of what’s to come.

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To sweeten the deal, Grubhub delivers right to your doorstep. So sit back, relax, and let the Grubhub do the work.


If you have ever walked down a wine aisle at your local grocery or beverage store and thought to yourself, “I have no clue what any of this means or which wine to get…?” You are not alone! It’s common to pick a wine with an enticing label or name.

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Learn what is behind the label using the Delectable app! Simply take a picture of the bottle and get honest and accurate reviews on the wine of choice. You never have to guess again if this will be a hit or a miss at the dinner party, Delectable makes it easy for anyone to be a wine connoisseur.

Happy Hour Finder

Those might be the best three words ever pieced together. Happy Hour Finder allows you to know which restaurants and bars offer happy hour and at what time.

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Based on your location or desired place for happy hour, you’ll find the best spots to grab a drink and/or appetizers with friends at a great price. Sounds like a win!


Tasteful is all about customization. To begin, select how you prefer to eat. The options include vegetarian, paleo, low carb, vegan, gluten-free, and everything. This makes healthy eating easy and accessible.

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Users are then able to search restaurants and their menus all from the click of a button! Tasteful makes dining out healthy and customizable.