How to Choose the Right POS System for Your Business

How to Choose the Right POS System for Your Business

One of the most important decisions you can make for your restaurant is choosing the right point of sale (POS) system. With literally hundreds of available options, it can be difficult to narrow it down to a product that caters to your company’s needs. Each system tries to offer the best technology, training, and costs, but some products still rise above the rest. Here are the top factors to consider when selecting the right POS system for your business.

Top 5 Things to Know Before Selecting a POS

How to Choose the Right POS System for Your Business

    1. Your Business Outline- Before choosing a POS, outline what your business needs. Small restaurants looking to transition away from a traditional cash register should look for an entry-level system. Mid-level systems offer some upgrades that could benefit a growing business. A large restaurant looking for easy operation as well as extra bells and whistles should consider a high-level system.
    2. Decide Your Budget- After deciding your business needs, determine a budget for your POS system. A large restaurant would typically lean towards needing a  sophisticated POS with extra features, meaning potentially extra fees as well. POS systems can range from $1,000 to $20,000 so prioritize needed key features and decide on a set budget for implementation.
    3. Know Your Vendor- Do your research! If a POS company is reputable, there will be plenty of information available to you. Don’t be afraid to search reviews or ask for references from the vendor’s current client base.
    4. Ease of Use- When choosing a POS, it is important to select a system that is uncomplicated and easy to use for employees. A POS system that is difficult to use can lead to revenue loss and prevent repeat customers.
    5. Technical Support- In the event of an internet crash or a system glitch, will IT support be available to help? Hungry customers do not want to wait for your POS system to be back up and running. You want to provide quick and friendly service, so check what support is available from your chosen system.

Aloha POS

While there are a range of systems that can provide some of these main components, one system stands out above the rest. The Aloha POS System hits each of these key features, while also providing customized options for your specific needs. Consider the top things to know before deciding on a POS and see how Aloha can best fit into your growing, successful restaurant.

Your Business Outline- First, you must consider why Aloha is the best option for you. Why should you even consider adopting a POS in the first place? If you are using a cash register, you may be falling behind in the restaurant industry. Your staff wants a quicker and easier way to communicate with each other. Your customers want to place their orders sooner and receive their checks faster. Maybe your company already has a POS, but is it time for an upgrade? More advanced technology means more user-friendly operations for you and your team. In this fast paced and technology-driven age , a POS is the way to go for restaurant efficiency.

Decide Your Budget- Getting a great system with all the latest designs and integrations doesn’t have to break the bank. With the Aloha POS, you have the option to pay on a monthly basis. This means no contract, no hassle, and no commitment. Try out Aloha POS with zero risk. When it’s time to jump in for a full commitment, Aloha offers many different packages to cater to your specific needs.

Know Your Vendor- Aloha holds the highest market share in the industry. It has trained more servers and cashiers than any other system. But don’t just take our word for it! Companies are raving about their switch to the Aloha POS. Check out various testimonials and case studies to learn more about switching to Aloha POS.

How to Choose the Right POS System for Your BusinessEase of Use- Aloha POS offers faster service, which will increase customer retention. Aloha Mobile is another viable option to improve operations in your restaurant. This small, efficient device makes it easy to send orders from table to kitchen. When guests are ready to check out, they can do so through Aloha Mobile, opening up tables faster for your waiting guests. If your internet crashes, Aloha Mobile can still process and take orders. Training is simple, so the system can be implemented faster and you can start taking advantage of all that Aloha Mobile has to offer.

Technical Support- If there are ever any issues with your Aloha system, a technical support team is available 24/7, so you and your staff have access to a trained, professional support system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means hungry customers don’t have to wait until you’re up and running again. With the efficiency of the Aloha team, it’s likely your customers will never even know there was a problem.

Features to Consider

Great success in your restaurant will bring many unforeseen challenges. As your business grows, you will want to assess your growth and adjust your POS needs. No two restaurants are alike and no two POS systems are alike. Try to use a system that has trial days or a monthly subscription option until you find the right fit. Systems that offer additional services that can be added to your main POS are also ideal to anticipate growth in your restaurant.

Menu- With a changing menu and daily specials, you’ll want a POS system that can change in seconds, not minutes or hours. An easy-to-use system will benefit both your customers and your staff. If a table orders an appetizer and wants to split the cost, it should take as few steps as possible. When your server mistakenly selects extra cheese on a customer’s dinner, they should be able to easily correct the mistake without having to recreate a new ticket.

Bars- If your restaurant has a bar or you are looking to add one, a POS system is vital to its success. You’ll want the ability to keep tabs open while also being able to close them out quickly. If a customer simply orders a beer, a mobile POS will allow you to quickly close out their bill. Repeated orders such as another glass of wine should also be convenient for your servers with a one-touch process.

Venue- If you are in a larger space, or looking to upgrade your footage in the future, your servers most likely are not near the kitchen. If this is the case, your restaurant is losing a lot of time having servers run back and forth between tables and the kitchen to place orders. Consider using Aloha Kitchen along with Aloha Mobile. Kitchen staff can access POS and guest management information right in the kitchen. Special orders and notes are easily viewed through Aloha Kitchen.

You’ve created a menu, hired the staff, purchased the furniture, and are ready to open your doors or expand into larger endeavors. We don’t have to tell you how difficult it can be to break into the restaurant business. Don’t let a cash register or lagging system hold you back from success. Assess your business needs and see how Aloha can put you ahead of the curve and achieve your company’s greatest potential.