Fraudulent Support Calls Targeting NCR Aloha Users

Fraudulent support calls targeting NCR Aloha users

NCR has been made aware of a recent scam targeting NCR Aloha users. Individuals fraudulently positioning themselves as NCR Support are attempting to gain access to computer systems and EDC software.

If you receive a call from someone identifying themselves as NCR Support, asking you to provide access to your site’s computer systems or EDC software to conduct maintenance by directing you to the website or a similar website, this is most likely a scam. Do not provide them any data or access to your systems. is a website associated with the GoToAssist and LogMeIn remote access solutions. These are not NCR products and are not used by NCR to support the Aloha solution suite.

Fraudulent support calls are not uncommon. To combat such scams, make sure your employees are educated and understand the valid support procedures for your organization. Make sure they never share their usernames or passwords with a 3rd party. Make sure they take a trust, but verify approach to anything that appears suspicious, and that there is a clear and defined escalation process to report anything out of the ordinary.