How Millennials are Forcing Restaurant Tech to Change

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Millennials like going out, splurging on a good meal, knowing where their ingredients were grown, charging their phones at the table and rejoicing in their strong sense of community. Millennials are currently the largest generation in the United States and their dining habits are very different from their parents’. Soon they’ll hit their peak spending years – and the restaurant industry needs to be ready.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Millennials have been changing the way we dine for a few years now. Eating healthy used to mean counting calories. Now if your guests are trying to eat healthy it means that they’re on a search for organic food choices with natural and local ingredients. Young people are seeking diverse menus that offer them the opportunity to try international foods, and they’re willing to pay for them. 87% of millennials will splurge on a nice meal even when money is tight. With a generation that is so ready to invest in an enriching dining experience, it’s not surprising that top restaurants are also ready to change their methods for them. Everything from table settings to customer service must adapt to the millennial needs in order to guarantee survival and success in the industry.

Adapting your restaurant to survive in a millennial-oriented world can be daunting, but also very profitable. By creating an environment that millennials and baby boomers alike will love, you will create a space that people love to come back to. One piece of this puzzle is making sure to get the customers’ orders right every time. Certain software, such as Aloha POS, have key features that make a big difference when it comes to registering orders correctly. There is no room for mistakes when a bad Yelp review could be right around the corner.

Staying On Top

In an industry where demand is constantly changing, it’s fundamental to update all tools and systems of a restaurant in order to keep up. Staying up to date on mobile POS techniques can make a significant difference in the general experience of customers. When millennials receive their food swiftly, deliciously and correctly, you are giving them the comfort that they seek from their experience and they will reward you for it.

Gaining Guests’ Trust and Loyalty

The top POS systems now include loyalty reward programs that are ideal for the millennial generation. They like to feel rewarded, and they often see themselves as deserving of the best service and the best products. 37% of Millennials strongly agree that loyalty and rewards programs encourage them to visit specific restaurants over others. This goes far beyond the old punch cards of the past. Restaurants are developing new ways to reward their customers, or losing them to the competition.

Although millennials have significantly changed the restaurant industry, some things never change. Customer service will always be the number one priority when it comes to the dining experience. Every restaurant needs to make sure their clients are happy and taken care of. This is something that appeals to past, present and future generations.

How has your business adapted to serve new generations? Let us know in the comments below.