New Restaurant Owners: How to Become a Favorite Restaurant in Southern California

Think of your favorite restaurant. Which one popped into your head? When you reflect on your go-to spot, delicious eats, great service and fun atmosphere pop into your head, right? Dining out is a chance to relax and enjoy a night off so listen up to these quick tips to rise up the popularity ladder if you’re opening a restaurant in southern California.


Eating is a part of daily life. Customers desire to feel welcomed, appreciated, and cared about for an enjoyable experience. When all three of these things happen, chances are much higher for return customers. Building strong relationships with customers creates loyalty and value for your business which, in turn, increases revenue. Proper employee training is essential as they work to make customers feel comfortable and satisfied. Looking for more ways to increase customer loyalty? Try offering a loyalty program for returning customers with incentives to continuing to dine at your establishment. Track customers’ spending, typical number of visits as well as the items purchased with assistance from SDCR’s loyalty program.


Music is a wonderful thing – it can set the tone of the entire evening. Make sure the music playing corresponds to your typical crowd. For example, a cafe may select a playlist or radio station that tends to play more upbeat, catchy tunes. Always be mindful of volume levels as well. Keep the volume high enough that customers can hear but low enough that they can communicate. For the evening, play laid back, relaxing music for your diners to unwind. Keep your atmosphere bright and positive by promoting art and fun décor. Also consider doing some research on which color schemes best fit your space in order to make the most out of your layout.


The best form of marketing is positive word of mouth. There are many restaurants to choose from so what puts yours first on their list? A happy customer is a repeat customer who will tell at least 3 people, but a disgruntled one will tell the whole world about his/her poor experience. Your wait staff are the forefront of your establishment. Be sure that they enjoy their job and are creating a positive and entertaining dining experience. Encourage customers to use sites such as Yelp to spread the good word and make sure future diners know you’re worth a try. Utilize social media to provide information and allow customers to like and share your posts with their friends.


As technology advances, there are many options for how to operate and run a business. The most effective platform for connection is human interaction. When customers can hide behind an iPad or a computer screen, there is no way to upsell your delicious appetizers and refreshing beverages. With a personable and lively server, recommendations for food and drinks are more welcome by guests. Give them a reason to try something new. Having a variety of appetizers and entree options will entice guests to return more frequently. Keep staff updated on specials and crowd favorites so that they can suggest them to customers. Also, ensure your staff communicates effectively with one another in order to have timely service and minimal error.


Make sure your POS system is up-to-date and running smoothly. Improve your eatery to the restaurant industry’s proven hybrid -POS- solution, Aloha. This system allows you to provide human interaction with customers while optimizing communication amongst staff members to provide efficient, error-free service. Upgrading your POS system will surely improve customer satisfaction by speeding up service, providing clear directions for all members of the staff, and creating an effective communication portal for your entire restaurant.


Introduce a new band on Saturdays, host a comedy show on Wednesday nights, and/or have a themed party for holidays. This will create buzz for your eatery and will make your place the next big hot spot. Investing in your guests is investing in your restaurant’s success. Get creative by knowing your audience and what they are looking for in their favorite restaurant. Is it private dining options, maybe better options for children, or setting the mood for a romantic date night?


Ensuring that customers have a good time and a pleasant experience is at the top of every restaurant owner’s goals. These tips might be a lot to digest all at once but just discover a good starting point and go from there. Forming strong relationships with customers creates loyalty and encourages them to invite their friends. The larger you grow, the more efficient you’re going to have to be. Optimize your workflow with Aloha POS and take advantage of SDCR’s many products and services.