Want to know more about SDCR’s Mobile Pay Feature?


  • Guests are able to access NCR Mobile Pay through their mobile browser – no need to download a separate app
  • Integration with NCR Aloha Loyalty enables customers to enter their card information to earn rewards
  • “Specials” feature allows the restaurant to display their top five items for increased suggested selling
  • Sharing via social networks is available when an item is given a “thumbs up” ranking


  • Guests will appreciate being served more efficiently, as well as the ability to pay and leave on their own terms
  • Guests can provide feedback on specific food items, enabling awareness of quality issues
  • Preferences and favorite food items can be saved for easy ordering on future visits
  • Instead of processing payments, your staff’s time is focused on serving your guests


  • Reduces fraudulent activity by eliminating the passing of credit cards between guests and staff
  • Guests never lose sight of their credit card, and they are able to pay with their own PayPal account if they choose
  • Mitigates credit card skimming and passing of sensitive information by your staff


  • Allows guests to pay on their terms, enabling staff to turn tables faster during peak day parts
  • Easy ability for guests to order another drink or food item
  • Paging ability ensures that guests are able to reach their server when something is needed
  • Receipt is e-mailed directly to the customer after the transaction is complete


  • Industry leader in mobile payments with largest digital wallet today
  • Exclusive restaurant exposure on the PayPal mobile application
  • Competitive card present rates, with no interchange rates added on top
  • Operators have ability to select auto-sweep of PayPal funds into their bank account