Stay Fast During the Rush.

Speed Up Service

Control speed of service without rushing guests and drop critical minutes off of total check time. Better control time of preparation and delivery.

Expedite Kitchen Performance

View POS and guest management information directly from the kitchen. Gather data with real time reporting information to analyze and maintain the health of your kitchen.

Satisfy Customers

Use display modifiers to increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that dishes are created as requested. Keep your customers happy with fresh food served at the speed they expect.

Aloha’s Hosted Solutions enable you to:

Create Raving Customers

Gift Cards

Operate Efficiently

Manage Operations

Restaurant Guard

Configuration Center

Complete POS Training

SDCR offers hands on Aloha Manager Training classes four days a week with two class sessions per day.

24/7 Local Support

Including system troubleshooting, software consultations, upgrades, enhancements and more