Need training for Aloha Manager?

Are you running the Legacy system, with the Blue Icon? It is time to talk to our Sales team about upgrading your Aloha system to New Aloha Manager today.

New Aloha Manager is an essential part of your teams plan for success in 2017. With New Aloha Manager, you can increase your management team’s efficiency and greatly reduce time spent doing basic programing. New Aloha Manager is feature rich and compatible with the new Chip and Pin card technology. Training is a required part of the upgrade to the new software, maximize your time and upgrade to New Aloha Manager today.

Back of House Manager Training

SDCR offers Aloha Manager Training classes four days a week with two class sessions per day. On Mondays and Tuesdays classes are in our Long Beach office and on Thursdays and Fridays we hold class in our NEW San Diego class room. Each class runs for four hours and covers a wealth of material.

Our training is a hands on experience. Each attendee will have access to their own computer so they can follow along with the instructor.

Our Aloha Manager classes are 100% free to anyone with an active Help Desk contract! Don’t have an active Help Desk contract? Contact our Contracts department at
1(800) 683-2778 (option 7).

We offer classes for both Aloha Manager Table Service and Quick Service.

The classes currently offered are:

  • Core Level 1 for Table and Quick Service – which covers:
    – Signing up with NCR University
    – How to navigate New Aloha Manager
    – Hiring / terminating employees
    – Maintaining employee records
    – Understanding key concepts in Aloha Manager
    – Creating new items
    – Maintaining item records
    – Programing printer routing for your restaurant
    – The importance of categories and their effect on reports.
    – Creating Submenu (Table Service) or Menu Panels (Quick Service) buttons
    – Creating Modifier Groups buttons
    – Introduction to New Aloha Manager’s Event Scheduler
    – Basic reports: Daily Sales, Labor, Product Mix, Reprint, and Audit
    – Backing up your database
    – Overview of Aloha EDC (Electronic Draft Capture)
  • Core Level 2 for Table and Quick Service – which covers:
    – Creating New Submenus and buttons
    – Creating New Modifier Groups and buttons
    – Creating and maintaining Price Changes
    – Maintaining and creating Promotions
    – Creating Price Levels and applying them to items and price levels and promotions
    – Working with Comps
    – Maintaining Voids
    – Communicating with Messaging in Aloha
    – Automating events with New Aloha Manager’s Event Scheduler
    – Understanding reports: Hourly Sales & Labor, Interactive Message Response,Voids, and Payment Detail
    – Backing up our database
    – Working with Aloha EDC (Electronic Draft Capture)
  • Core Level 3 for Table and Quick Service – which covers:
    – Review hiring/terminating and maintain employee records
    – Create a labor schedule using the Basic Labor Scheduler
    – Activate punctuality settings
    – Learn how to edit employee punches from the BOH
    – Create and manage break rules for paid and unpaid breaks
    – Programing and controlling other wages i.e. sick pay, over time, penalty pay
    – Create FOH alerts
    – Set messages for employees at the FOH
    – Create and manage performance measures for FOH staff
    – Event Maintenance
    – Evaluations
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