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POS in the Palm of Your Hand

Putting a POS in the hands of servers and cashiers, employees spend more time on the floor in front of guests upselling menu items, delivering amazing service and more quickly reducing lines or turning tables.

Secure Payment Processing

Servers can accept and process secure credit card payments tableside, keeping the consumer payment card in guest view at all times. Swiftly maintain your cash flow and reduce the risk of non-payment with restaurant payment processing.

Advanced Guest Management

Host efficiently with the use of pagers, text paging and improved seat utilization. Get access to real-time analytics to manage employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Aloha’s Hosted Solutions enable you to:

Create Raving Customers

Gift Cards

Operate Efficiently


Manage Operations

Restaurant Guard

Configuration Center

Complete POS Training

SDCR offers hands on Aloha Manager Training classes four days a week with two class sessions per day.

24/7 Local Support

Including system troubleshooting, software consultations, upgrades, enhancements and more