Tips On Improving Employee Management

One major element of running a successful business is finding the most effective way to manage your employees.  Increasing the productivity and effectiveness of your company can be done directly through your employees. Here are a few tips on management styles that will help increase productivity for your business:

Use Your Aloha POS System to Manage Employee Workload

The Aloha POS system not only allows you to have an effective point of sale system and keep track of your inventory, but it also helps you deal with employee management. You can break down sales by hour and compare it to any specific day. In addition, you can see the ratio of staff on hand to customers and track the length of the customer’s dining experience – allowing you to have the right amount of employees available to run your restaurant as effectively as possible.

Download employee management apps:

In today’s day and age, there are apps for anything and everything you could possibly imagine. There are many apps for employee management too. Pulse Real-Time  is one of the easiest apps that can help you create schedules straight from your phone. Through the app, the schedules are sent out to your employees where they can accept or request a change in shift. One of the benefits of the app is the ability to communicate quickly to your staff so you don’t have to take excess time out of your day. The app is synced to the POS system so you can know what is going on from anywhere.

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Take time to get to know your employees

Running a small business may take up a lot of your time, so getting to know your employees may not be a top priority compared to managerial duties and sales. Getting to know your employees beyond the initial interview and friendly conversations is important because without employees, your business would not function. You may want to extend an invitation to your employees to grab coffee with you or host team bonding events. While this may seem like overkill to a busy business owner, it truly will strengthen the relationship between you and your employees and create a work environment that they enjoy. Remember, happy staff will equate to happy customers, who will in turn give you more business. Developing relationships with your employees will create a better business environment for your employees and your customers alike.

Celebrate outstanding performance

On top of building relationships with your employees, you can’t forget to recognize exceptional performance from employees that go the extra mile. Don’t get me wrong, employees would love to be compensated with money – but you can show appreciation without spending lots of money! If you are recognizing one employee, take them out to grab a cup of coffee. To recognize your entire staff’s performance, you could treat them to a catered lunch or take them out to see a movie. There are so many different ways you can show your staff your appreciation for their hard work. A smile and a thank you go a long way!

Develop specific employee evaluations

Developing a clear and objective evaluation will make it easier to figure out who is doing well and will also put the employees at ease knowing they are being evaluated fairly. With plenty of time before conducting the evaluation, let your employees know in person or through a written platform what exactly the standards and guidelines are that they will be graded on. Transparency is crucial so your employees are not surprised when they receive their evaluation. It may be difficult to determine how to set your guidelines, but the Aloha POS system allows you to keep track of each individual employee to see who is excelling and what is barely making the goal. This information can provide you with a baseline for evaluation guidelines.

These are just a few of the recommendations we have to help improve employee management strategies. Remember, having a great team is a major key to running and maintaining a great restaurant. Use your Aloha POS system to help you determine where your employees need to focus and where they excel. Having access to each employees data will help you create a work environment that will support the chance to grow and excel!

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