Why You Should Choose Aloha POS

With unbeatable power and efficiency, it’ll be easy to say Aloha to your new POS solution! We know owning and running a business in the food industry is full of challenges and surprises that are just waiting for you at the start of every shift. While the good ol’ saying “if you want it done right, you’ve got to do it yourself” may be second nature to you at this point, it’s time to do yourself a favor and call in some backup. Unlike iPad POS systems, Aloha POS is purpose-built for the restaurant & hospitality industry with strong, durable hardware terminals. Aloha is designed to be your loyal sidekick, providing you with the confidence and support needed to survive even the longest and most stressful nights on the job.

Switching to the Aloha POS solution is a breeze, and its simple, user-friendly interface is easy to pick up and teach to your employees if necessary. However, chances are this process won’t be too taxing on your business’ productivity, as Aloha POS holds the highest market shares in the industry with more users in comparison to any iPad POS. Because Aloha’s software and programming is identical across the board, anyone familiar with Aloha will be able to start using it almost immediately.

Unlike iPad POS systems that are filled with an overwhelming amount of customizable options, Aloha is proof that in a fast paced environment, simplicity is key. While customizable options may originally seem like a positive, it does not necessarily imply productivity, but rather contributes to an elongated learning process for yourself and your employees, while also expanding the margin for error. During peak business hours, the last thing on your employees minds isn’t going to be the possible color schemes offered, but how they are going to get all their orders to the kitchen and the food to the tables as quickly as possible. With Aloha POS, you are given a system that is tried and true, removing the cluttering additives to deliver a headache-free experience for everyone involved!

Everyone knows that the best sidekicks are there to offer you support at the times you need it the most – and Aloha POS is no different. Unlike most other Point of Sale Solutions, the Aloha system backs you up with a massive amount of technical support. Aloha POS offers you support both in the restaurant and in the cloud, backing up all of your data even if your network or internet connection goes down, so you are still able to take and fulfill orders and transactions. Better yet, even if the main terminal goes down, Aloha’s data redundancy allows the system to keep running from other terminals without skipping a beat.

Further, Aloha POS can offer additional added value through the addition of Aloha Restaurant Guard. This application provides a theft deterrent solution, using artificial intelligence to catch and report any suspicious employee activities before they happen. The best part? The support and data reporting isn’t limited to your restaurant.  With the PULSE Real-Time app, you are able to add even more value to Aloha POS by expanding accessibility beyond the restaurant’s walls, giving you all of the information needed to view sales data, labor cost, and much more while you’re on the go.

When you make Aloha POS your trusted backup, it’ll not only lighten your load as a restaurant manager, but will also improve both employee and customer satisfaction. With NCR Mobile Pay alongside the Aloha POS solution, you will give your customers the opportunity to seamlessly order and pay right at their table, allowing them to enjoy their meals at their own pace. Because this system is built for speed and efficiency, it is able to keep up with your employees and their tables needs during even the craziest Saturday night rush!